Waning quarter of the second moon

(A conversation which took place AT THE OMSTEAD after a Tendril Tea Circle – PRESENT IN THE CONVERSATION WERE JACOB, JOEL, SARA M, TREE LIGHT, MICHAEL, SHANON…)
  • Much inspiration flowing with the spirit of pu-erh, lapsang sochang, and nettles 🙂
  • We talked about the incredible number of skilled creators in Humboldt and how we could help to support each other in our efforts to make a living doing what we love.
  • We talked about tapping into an inner source of guidance that seems to lead us in a direction that fulfills our dreams and and brings harmony to our environment.
  • Using the Collective Rising website to host a portfolio page for members of our community who would like to showcase their work.
  • What would it take to have a collective table at the Arcata Saturday Farmers Market!?
    • Business licence for The Collective Rising
    • Applying for a table
    • Having enough people with inventory to sell
  • Tea House in downtown Arcata!
    • Yes!

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