The eleventh new moon of 2018

Present: Bianca, RJ, Chelsea, Saturn, Michael at the Spoon House

Serving: Sho pu-erh – Deeper than the Deepest Hole


  • Reconsidering “living naturally” 
  • Opal St. – (D)NA, i(M)provisation, (T)heatre Collaborations
  • Non-profit/club
  • Next vision circle

Reconsidering “Living Naturally” 

Due to green washing efforts of the industrial complex there’s a misplaced use of the word “natural” we are reconsidering our phrasing of that which we are envisioning in a considerate manner of word choice (spell-ing)

Rearranging our approach to work: sharing tools, facilitating sustainable learning processes

Mutual exchange of resources (re-sourcing?)

Honest and connected (Chelsea): connected to each other and to places (honest = transparency)

Finding INspiration is being honest with ourselves (simmering on what are we really wanting)

Feelings are honest, multidirectionality, what do we do everyday?

*simple language: approach-ability and spaciousness

Empowering others without telling them what to do while being available to provide guidance

How would a project approach collective rising? 

no need or interest “owning” projects, non-possession

ecstatic dance, wood shop are examples of places/projects of collective 

crowd sourcing: we would show up to support projects

formatting/organizing: create a help forum (ex. community resource map), mutual learning

Tapping into records: consciousness of other collectives (forests, constellations) “work”/creating a living together through our projects (direct experiences) 

**Together: to gather consciousness to learn how to make an honest living together

playful approach: subtle and simple

Opal St. 

changes appearance, fluctuating, not definitive 

projects that are approachable, street orientation 

ethereal dance company

Non-profit/Club for Collective

There is paperwork that we can fill out at HSU, and there’s a non-profit committee in Humboldt County that meets with groups interested in becoming a non-profit project

Broader than ecstatic dance? expanding space for dancing

Relationship with community yoga center, approach cautiously and hesitantly 

Star/Brennan: reaching out to their project at Humbrews, get feedback

Opal St. projects in motion

Next Vision Circle

Do what we are saying!

show up to each other’s projects

go on an adventure together where we make it up as we go! (firewood harvest?)

generating so much resource that it attracts community by modeling that resources occur in different ways including but not limited to money

Bianca & RJ > club of meaning and empowerment – generating performance art, expanding club idea

Dance Your Own Adventure @ Community Yoga Center T/TH 7-9:30 PM

Open source legislation, surrealism manifesto

rotating focalizers of council gatherings (as a project itself) “it’s not their project, breaking mold of leadership” 

each moon: quest/council