growing quarter of the fourth moon

present: RJ, Saturn, Michael

updates and plan of action:

  • Access to D st needs to be granted by talking with Michael Rice
  • Correlated detail- Neil and Samba group have moved their start time to 12:30 and have requested the space be cleared by 12:15
  • We shall announce to dancers our move and initiate 12:15 departure

30 day notice to community yoga center once D st has been confirmed

  • New PA system details- $700 for each speaker (12 in.) and 2 subs with a rounded total of $4,000 including equipment such as cords and stands
  • Darshn meeting about PA financing and being a cosigner (1 week check in regarding decision)
  • A comic idea “Evolution of Our Ecstatic’s PA System” would depict the journey of our sound facilitation

New flyers for shifting spaces

Potential night dance locations include HPRC and Synpasis in Eureka or/and an outdoor dance (What is Emily’s experience at HPRC?)

Setting $50 flow for DJs – needs to be communicated
future consideration – cash flow for volunteers

Next house circle gathering settled on growing gibbous of the fourth moon since there are many action items in place