growing gibbous of the fourth moon

present: Myco-Rrhizae, RawrJ, Saturn

Since our last circling…
Many action items have been approached and checked off!

Tasks completed include the following:

  • D st has been confirmed and our first dance there will be May 12th “Rebirthing and Mothers” – lets make this one fabulous with fabrics and decorative touches
  • 30 day notice has been sent to community yoga center
  • 12:15 departure was heard and participated in by dancers this morning, we shall repeat at closing circle again for…”to will not have come today” [sic]
  • Darshn responded with “Ready to rock” regarding PA financing cosigning

Action items

  • Make flyers – different ones for attracting various populations of peoples
  • Sticker designs – potential fundraising sales
  • update DJs about $50 flow for upcoming collaborations
  • give DJs checks for March and April – Lunar Symphony will receive hers when she returns to town from travels
  • board of directors/house circle idea
  • move equipment plus sorting cables on last day at CYC (May 5th) — returning speakers/amp to Trevor
  • visit Dst for logistics such as lights and soundboard
  • Jake and his participation inquiries

Topics for Consensus

Board of Directors/House Circle for Ecstatic Dance moving forward for co-creating and maintaining a model of sustainability for this (and any other) community project

If to be attempted this approach would allow for members to design a set of agreements and other logistical details such as finances

This would be an attempt to recognize and acknowledge the effort, creativity, and commitment of focalizers thus far and into the unfolding of this project

Also correlated is the topic of returns for focalizers and how this can offer them an exchange that will allow a sense of more focused commitment to the project since to some extent they will be nourished/sustained by the return

  • returns will vary per the needs of the focalizer and specific to their contributions

House circle as a term moves away from the contextual use of Board of Directors being utilized in industry/companies

  • discovered in Italy–moves from open consensus circle to house circle with specific consensus
  • greater circle still occurs for feedback, announcements, ideas, updates

Jake checked in and communicated they are intrigued by the project being cultivated and could see themselves getting more involved. Has a lot of ideas and creativity to offer. Is concerned about sudden spark of involvement being interpreted in ways other than genuine appreciation for community. Thus, Jake has asked what kind of roles he can be involved in at this point.

Passed: WE HAve adoPTEd JAKE and HOuse CirCLE!!!!!

Blocked: ReTURns

Next House Circle – Fifth New Moon of 2019