Waning quarter of the Seventh moon

Present: Spiro, Jake, Michael, Sam

Check out Arcata Ecstatic Collaborative (Spotify playlist) – currently not visible


  • Management progress
  • Bands check-in
  • If equinox is too soon…
  • Venues
  • Build familiarity with DJs and dancers 
  • Publicize event
  • Looking into…

*at the end of the meeting notes you will find tasks list and next circle’s agenda items**

Management progress

  • practical data management 

Create separate documents for the following: resources, project proposals (timeline), meeting notes, and tasks (updates)

  • Use group messages for check-ins/updates
  • Core team: role(s) for particular people during pre-production
    • Who’s cooking up the event? 
    • Online presence
    • Public presence
    • Producer
    • Marketing
  • Add a page for ecstatic dance on collectiverising.life

Bands Check-In

  • No from Diggin’ Dirt
  • KR3TURE on stand by
  • Drum Spyder available after October
  • U(didn’t catch name) available for October

For future reference it’s great to book people minimum 3 months in advance

If Equinox is too soon…

  • smaller scale event since event is coming up soon and only KR3TURE is confirmed
  • September 20th weekend 7 – 10 PM consensus 
  • Solstice event would give the team more time for crafting and envisioning
  • First show as a reputation currently we have Arcata Ecstatic Dance as out foundation/platform
  • Amplifying Collective Rising’s presence in the