Waning quarter of the Seventh moon

Present: Spiro, Jake, Michael, Sam

Check out Arcata Ecstatic Collaborative (Spotify playlist) – currently not visible


  • Management progress
  • Bands check-in
  • If equinox is too soon…
  • Venues
  • Build familiarity with DJs and dancers 
  • Publicize event
  • Looking into…

*at the end of the meeting notes you will find tasks list and next circle’s agenda items**

Management progress

  • practical data management 

Create separate documents for the following: resources, project proposals (timeline), meeting notes, and tasks (updates)

  • Use group messages for check-ins/updates
  • Core team: role(s) for particular people during pre-production
    • Who’s cooking up the event? 
    • Online presence
    • Public presence
    • Producer
    • Marketing
  • Add a page for ecstatic dance on collectiverising.life

Bands Check-In

  • No from Diggin’ Dirt
  • KR3TURE on stand by
  • Drum Spyder available after October
  • U(didn’t catch name) available for October

For future reference it’s great to book people minimum 3 months in advance

If Equinox is too soon…

  • smaller scale event since event is coming up soon and only KR3TURE is confirmed
  • September 20th weekend 7 – 10 PM consensus 
  • Solstice event would give the team more time for crafting and envisioning
  • First show as a reputation currently we have Arcata Ecstatic Dance as out foundation/platform
  • Amplifying Collective Rising’s presence in the

Waning Gibbous of the Seventh Moon

Present: MycoRrhizae, Jake, Spiro, Saturn

Check-ins and Updates

Jake: Eagle House emailed us again and their budget went up so they are out of the question although we could pursue it for future events

Veteran’s Hall requests no amplified music after 10 PM

Posters looking awesome, visually engaging on poster boards

Sam started a flyer draft

Michael has emblem for collective, a circle for consensus on its use at another time

Note and FB messages were sent to Portegeuse Hall for potentially renting their space

Spiro updates on technical/logistics, we need more equipment

Jumpstart Eureka Ecstatic Dance: starting in a way with a large crowd to attract new community

Spiro suggests we make a list of  venues in order to be more aware of our options

Are we committed to Fall Equinox as the celebration’s focus? Collective Rising is interested in crafting events that are in coalition with the cosmic happenings 

DJ Suaje “Ya sounds good brother.” from email in confirmation of playing Sunday morning Ecstatic Dance the 22nd

Low-stress practice run for this event, if it happens to be large scale then that’s a perk let the focus be the quality of our event and what is it artistically that we want to create for people’s experiences. Learn what works and what doesn’t for future reference. Start with what is manageable. Mutual respect, work discipline, and communication. 

Spiro mentions the potential of art and decorations in blank spaces

Spiro has a BA in business and has ideas/theories that marketing is important and will impact the event 


  • Venues-portegeuse hall, bayside grange, acrata playhouse, jam, humbrews, ATL, dance halls, municipal center in Eureka (rate deposit 10% of ticket sales, rental rate 20%), contact Synapses about connections (Kateri and Leslie)
  • Roles
  • Poster commission/due date – Marketing 
  • Bands/Projects deadline – bringing together different crowds through our line up through their common interests in dancing, an ecstatic dance as a whole event with the flows, peaks, and aquatic realm. Contact Flobots. By mixing genres and bringing the variety it will make our event more particular
  • Tentative: flow arts


Do we agree with Eureka being the location of the event? Arcata is comfortable because we are familiar with the community, and Eureka is potent because it can jumpstart dance being there more often. 

Is outside an option? It takes more work buuuut Redwood Acres and Renaissance Fair

What capacity venue would we like to see? It depends…300 minimum

$15 minimum tickets 


Information based on Jake’s experience with production sets: Directors- creative elements, Producers- supporting elements to creative elements, Technical Directing- stage manager, set up crew, Running green room for bands

Keep communication a central focus all elements that are being worked on are valuable 

Collective Rising vision of yin and yang balance will be a feature of how we participate in focalizer positions and blending our contribtutions

Jake: Producer

Spiro: Stage manager and needs assistant potentially, supporting the bands (hospitality)

Michael: creative director, how the event plays out, crafting the experience for people is energizing

Saturn: adaptable, flexible, mulitlogical approach to what is needed, detail oriented, art and visual happenings, magical touch, providing service, communication – getting meetings crafted, contacting musicians and venues, creative director


Name, branding, emblem

300 posters minimum

Promotion- Facebok, radio (Spiro can record in his studio the ad), and Dar (meeting with Jake about event production in Portland in a few weeks), Emerald Sisters, newspaper, Lost Coast Outpost- the lounge, KMUD, Student run radio HSU

Saturn shows poster draft: feedback was to include more ribbons and information


Object Heavy, Roslyn’s band (Chris Perreia), Absynth Quintet, King Foot, No Good Redwood Brambles, Tropa Magica, Marty O’reilly, Drum Spyder (call Zeke), Spiro has contacts, Urathyme (early October show)

Acts: Kateri, Live Artists, Humboldt Circus, Albert Z, Shea Freelove and the dude, flo artist, silks

Smudge Fairies, sell fruit

Action Items

Find venue and talk to friends about what they know

List of rates and venues – Jake 

Get rates for promotion – Jake and Sam

Talk to artists – everyone

Long Term Action Items 

Record radio promotion after bookings complete

Get walkie talkies


FloGlo Show: multiple acts, visually potent, technical wow-ism, amplifies possibility 

Artistic beauty and the inspiration of the people 

No fillers, seamlessly into a musical performance/dance event

Why are we doing this? What is each of us in this for?

Focus on what we want


Gratitude for any medium through which vision circle can inject its essence is a great opportunity for building community

This is a cool way to experiment with the yin and yang balance. Find a way for work to be harmonious and more reflective of how we would like to live our lives. It’s a platform for experimentation

Gatherings of celebrating and being in sync with celestial cycles as a priority for balancing our trust of our self-identity and community-identity

Fall Equinox nights become longer, shorter days, winter is coming and celebrate the summer happenings, time of feeling and noticing the transitions


Outerspace vibes, cosmic energy: art as organization, we define what is big and accessible, we inform and motivate people to participate, and politically share thoughts/food

How we expose people to art and opening their perspectives through cosmic energy and communication

Communities across distances, massive connections through networking collectives


Changes in humboldt’s attraction to people, now would be the perfect time since the economic areas are fluctuating, ability to form the “new wave” of humboldt, conscious and diversifying people’s exposure to worldwide cultures, supporting the dynamics of relationships and evolving from the current and historical structure

Bioregionalism: facilitating networking and linking up peoples and places 

Potential when effort is present



We are reflections of that which we are attracted to — we are us

Equinox = transitions, remeeting ourselves

Sharing visual experiences 

Balance the intelligences beyond our logical capacities by having the opportunity to practice them through sensuous exploration

growing gibbous of the fourth moon

present: Myco-Rrhizae, RawrJ, Saturn

Since our last circling…
Many action items have been approached and checked off!

Tasks completed include the following:

  • D st has been confirmed and our first dance there will be May 12th “Rebirthing and Mothers” – lets make this one fabulous with fabrics and decorative touches
  • 30 day notice has been sent to community yoga center
  • 12:15 departure was heard and participated in by dancers this morning, we shall repeat at closing circle again for…”to will not have come today” [sic]
  • Darshn responded with “Ready to rock” regarding PA financing cosigning

Action items

  • Make flyers – different ones for attracting various populations of peoples
  • Sticker designs – potential fundraising sales
  • update DJs about $50 flow for upcoming collaborations
  • give DJs checks for March and April – Lunar Symphony will receive hers when she returns to town from travels
  • board of directors/house circle idea
  • move equipment plus sorting cables on last day at CYC (May 5th) — returning speakers/amp to Trevor
  • visit Dst for logistics such as lights and soundboard
  • Jake and his participation inquiries

Topics for Consensus

Board of Directors/House Circle for Ecstatic Dance moving forward for co-creating and maintaining a model of sustainability for this (and any other) community project

If to be attempted this approach would allow for members to design a set of agreements and other logistical details such as finances

This would be an attempt to recognize and acknowledge the effort, creativity, and commitment of focalizers thus far and into the unfolding of this project

Also correlated is the topic of returns for focalizers and how this can offer them an exchange that will allow a sense of more focused commitment to the project since to some extent they will be nourished/sustained by the return

  • returns will vary per the needs of the focalizer and specific to their contributions

House circle as a term moves away from the contextual use of Board of Directors being utilized in industry/companies

  • discovered in Italy–moves from open consensus circle to house circle with specific consensus
  • greater circle still occurs for feedback, announcements, ideas, updates

Jake checked in and communicated they are intrigued by the project being cultivated and could see themselves getting more involved. Has a lot of ideas and creativity to offer. Is concerned about sudden spark of involvement being interpreted in ways other than genuine appreciation for community. Thus, Jake has asked what kind of roles he can be involved in at this point.

Passed: WE HAve adoPTEd JAKE and HOuse CirCLE!!!!!

Blocked: ReTURns

Next House Circle – Fifth New Moon of 2019

growing quarter of the fourth moon

present: RJ, Saturn, Michael

updates and plan of action:

  • Access to D st needs to be granted by talking with Michael Rice
  • Correlated detail- Neil and Samba group have moved their start time to 12:30 and have requested the space be cleared by 12:15
  • We shall announce to dancers our move and initiate 12:15 departure

30 day notice to community yoga center once D st has been confirmed

  • New PA system details- $700 for each speaker (12 in.) and 2 subs with a rounded total of $4,000 including equipment such as cords and stands
  • Darshn meeting about PA financing and being a cosigner (1 week check in regarding decision)
  • A comic idea “Evolution of Our Ecstatic’s PA System” would depict the journey of our sound facilitation

New flyers for shifting spaces

Potential night dance locations include HPRC and Synpasis in Eureka or/and an outdoor dance (What is Emily’s experience at HPRC?)

Setting $50 flow for DJs – needs to be communicated
future consideration – cash flow for volunteers

Next house circle gathering settled on growing gibbous of the fourth moon since there are many action items in place