The forest breaths fog into our biosphere and the mycelium is awakened by the surge of water falling from the sky. The darkness is deep and cool air brings us into our warm caves.

We invite you to climb out of your winter caves to kindle our inner fires to a roaring fogata and remind our selves what it means to move through this life together as human creatures.

Coming to us from the Cascadian north is Plantrae to bring us deep into our sensuous rhythms!

Equal parts beautiful, hype, dynamic and dark, PLANTRAE makes electronic music for the middle of the night and performs live his signature sound with deep, dynamic violin. From cinematic emotional waves to rolling low end thump, its easy to get lost in this neon forest of future music.

Forever Found at 109 5th St in Eureka

Friday December 6 from 7pm to 11 pm

Join us every first Friday of the month for this spirit-lifting gathering of community!

Tickets are available right here with a PayPal account or at Wildberries, People’s Records.

This is our beautiful venue!


http:// https://www.youtube.com/plantrae